JSC "Judex" is one of the largest Lithuanian companies operating in the modern frozen food industry.

Founded in 1995, the company has achieved great success and recognition both in Lithuania and abroad.

The company complies with the European Union standards and employs strict quality control in all the manufacturing processes. Presently, Judex employs 100 people. Thanks to the enthusiastic and hard-working team, the company can rapidly expand its operations and keeps pursuing its ambitious goals. At present, the company produces and sells about 25 tons of frozen products per day, the majority of which are exported to Latvia, Estonia, England, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Azerbaijan. Our export assortment ranges from the products popular in the Lithuanian market to the ones that are custom-ordered by our foreign business partners.

Judex offers a wide variety of pre-cooked frozen products that are quick to prepare, such as dumplings, crêpes, pizzas, chiburekki and different kinds of potato and cottage cheese products. We produce premium quality foodstuff, safely and elegantly packaged, and covering over 70 different names.

Nowadays, many people lead such hectic lives that they cannot afford to waste their precious time on cooking. This is why our main goal is to supply the consumers with high quality and easy to cook products, which would satisfy even the most demanding gourmets. Considering the newest European trends and the ever-changing attitudes towards nutrition, we regularly upgrade our assortment and offer our customers new products annually.

Our mission is to ensure premium quality of all our products and offer finest selection foodstuff even to the most demanding customers.