Is to be the leader in pre-cooked frozen product market by producing and offering high quality and safe products to the consumers.


JSC “Judex” specializes in production of pre-cooked frozen foodstuff and its provision to consumers. We do our best to ensure flawless production and satisfy all the needs of our customers by supplying only safe and healthy products.



  • To act in accordance with the governing law, to comply with all the legal requirements and normative documents and to satisfy the needs of the interested parties by ensuring the quality and safety of the products.
  • To ensure product safety across the entire supply chain, from collection of raw materials to delivery of the end product to consumers.
  • To constantly improve the production technology and products.
  • To supply consumers and customers with high quality, safe and valuable food products.
  • To react to the changing customer needs and respond respectively.
  • To constantly improve the efficiency of the integrated food safety and quality management system complying with the EN ISO 9001 and LST EN ISO 22000 international standards.
  • To provide continuous qualification development possibilities to all the employees.
  • To ensure that each employee is aware of and responsible for product quality and his/her work based on individual competency and job description.



  • To improve work conditions and employ cutting-edge technology and equipment in the production process.
  • To allocate sufficient resources to the implementation of the company’s corporate goals and quality and food safety policy.
  • To respect all the employees and recognize their input into the success of the company.
  • To provide each employee with qualification development possibilities and encourage them to aim higher.
  • To review the quality policy annually in order to maintain it at the necessary level.